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Nebula Star Clusters(Brushes, PNG) - 7342247

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Nebula Star Clusters(Brushes, PNG) - 7342247

Nebula Star Clusters(Brushes, PNG) - 7342247

ABR, ASL, PSD, PNG, Brushset, AFBRUSHES | 1.4 Gb

A big package of nebula and star cluster assets providing you with a lot of flexibility when using this product to create your designs. This bundle will help you to save time when you work on a project that needs a beautiful night sky or is somehow related to outer space.
This bundle contains colored overlays and stamp brushes so you can easily add nebula or star clusters to your designs. Every brush tip is also included as a PNG file to allow you to import them into others tools. These designs were created with the free 3D software Blender. All the Blender files are included in case you want to check how I made them or want to render it with bigger dimensions. A short tutorial is included on how to open the blender files and render an image with bigger dimensions.
Buy this product and you will get 150 Nebula and Star Cluster designs in the following formats(every format contains all designs):
?Photoshop Stamp Brushes (.ABR, 2400px)
?Affinity Stamp Brushes (.AFBRUSHES, 2400px)
?Procreate Stamp Brushes (.BRUSHSET, 2048px)
?PNG Overlays(color designs on black, 2400px)
?PNG for every brush (black and transparency, 2400px)
?BLEND (3D files made with Blender v3.0)
Additionally included are:
?PSD Examples
?10 Photoshop Nebula Styles(.ASL)
?47 Photoshop Coloring Styles(.ASL)
?10 Affinity Nebula Styles(.AFSTYLES)
?21 Affinity Coloring Styles(.AFSTYLES)
?Blender How To(.PDF)
?Links to Tutorials(.PDF)
This product is useful to:
?Add some glittering stars to your image
?Make a beautiful night sky
?Use as background decoration
?Make magic or fantasy effects
?Make product covers
?Use in sparkling effects
?Use in abstract art
?Make science related designs
Create your own galaxy

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